Story behind the Coat of Arms

I had this picture of the coat of arms in my heart/mind and wasn't too sure of what it means, but knew in my heart that it was something significant as it was very clear and in detail as I 'saw' it. I decided to check with one of my close friend who recently had his family coat of arms done and find out through the Internet, to see if he has any inclination on the matter. As it turned out, a website that deals with coat of arms design had a brief break down on the various objects and colours. Thus, the interpretation of it became obvious.

There has been a desire in my heart to want to set up a ministry in the form of an organisation for the purpose of building a network of Christian musicians, singers, songwriters and soundmen. This ministry is set up to bring forth new sounds and music to encourage the brethren as well as a prophetic voice to the unsaved. Upon receiving this vision from the LORD, I know for certain that it is He who has ordained this ministry and will establish it against all odds.


The following is a brief explanation of Crossbow Ministries coat of arms: