Crossbow Ministries' Motto

CrossBow Ministries was founded on the concept and the need of kindred alliance for edification welfare and a prophetic voice towards the benefit of Christian individuals and the unsaved in the Ministry of Music.

The Vision

To edify the brethren and reach out to the unsaved by working together in unity of the Spirit through the Ministry of Music.

Mission Statement

CrossBow Ministries is a Christian organisation whose main objective is to gather Christians to be active participants in personal development so as to make a continuing contribution to the community by means of:

  1. Creating a hub for communion and fellowship among Christian songwriters, musicians, singers and sound people.
  2. Opening up opportunities for musicians and singers to edify the brethren or to reach out to the lost.
  3. Training and development for Christians in the area of music and sound.

Our Beliefs

There are three main beliefs that we stand by:

  1. The Blood of Jesus has cleansed us from all sins, past, present and future, once and for all.
  2. His faithfulness and grace towards the Church and individual Christians, sealed and confirmed by His Holy Spirit.
  3. Repentance from dead works and the world system. We are saved when we believe in our hearts and confess through our mouth that Jesus is our only Saviour; only by grace, not of works.

Rom 5:1-21, Rom 8:1-39.


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